💡 My bigger projects!


Simp is an fast, GPU-accelerated easy to use image manipulation program.


  • Supports all common image formats including many raw formats.
  • Full editing support for animated images such as GIF and WebP.
  • Ergonomic zoom and pan controls.
  • Extremely fast startup.
  • Lag free experience even with huge images.
  • Cropping images quickly.
  • Resizing with different resampling filters.
  • Viewing of Exif metadata.
  • Dark mode. (No lightmode yet 😔)

Why did I make simp?

I was fed up with using slow and unresponsive image manipulation tools. It is annoying that many image viewers take multiple seconds to start and open a small image. All I wanted was a simple image editor that could open any image format and view/edit an image any size without lag.


Crust is a very work in progress crossplatform exotic shell.

Main goals

  • Provide a dynamic and strong type system.
  • More advanced data structures like list and maps.
  • Typed pipes between both internal and external commands.
  • Typed and scoped environment variables.
  • Nice and helpful error messages.
  • Convenient and helpful autocompletes.
  • Math directly in the terminal. No weird symbols or commands required.
  • No stupid posix shell syntax like case/esac and if/fi.
  • Most things that can be done in bash/zsh should be doable in Crust.

Why did I make Crust?

When I started Crust i could simply not find any crossplatform shell that addressed the problems with Bash. Fish has nice autocompletes and saner syntax but it is not crossplatform. Fish also lacks a proper typesystem, everything is just kind treated like a string just like in bash. Writing programming languages is also alot of fun.